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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Late at Night

More and more people are labeling Christians as haters and evildoers.  We are said to be prejudiced intolerant people who pass judgment and condemnation on others and are unloving.  I have given that some thought.

I wonder if those who despise us so much would rather have their car break down late at night in a neighborhood known to be made up of those who profess to know Christ, who attend church services regularly, or in a neighborhood that is noted for its secularism, worldliness, and un-Christ like behaviors?  So far I have never heard of anyone fearing for their safety in a Christian neighborhood, no not even a homosexual whom we are falsely accused of hating.  I suspect the homosexual would much rather be with us late at night than in the other neighborhood.

Yep, we are a bad people until late at night when the car breaks down.

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